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1960s Zildjian Avedis 30" Ride

1979-81 Zildjian EAK 20" Dark Crash

1979-81 Zildjian EAK 20" Jazz Ride

1979-81 Zildjian EAK 22" Jazz Ride

1979-81 Zildjian EAK 13" Hi Hats

1979-81 Zildjian EAK 13" Hi Hats

1979-81 Zildjian EAK 8" Splash

1967-77 Zildjian K. Istanbul 14" Hats

1979-81 Zildjian EAK 18" Dark Crash

1979-81 Zildjian EAK 17" Dark Crash

Zildjian EAK 19" China Cymbal

Zildjian EAK 20" Crash Ride : 2090 grams

Early American K : 19" China cymbal that is just nasty evil! Dark and exposive!

Early American K : This particular cymbal has been in the collection for many years. The intense hammering produces the darkest cymbal that we have had through our shop. Just an incredible work of craftsmanship and sound.

Zildjian EAK 20" Dark Crash : 2110 grams

Zildjian EAK 20" Flat Ride : 2300 grams

Zildjian EAK 20" Jazz Ride : 2050 grams

Early American K : These 20" EAK Dark Crashes are super rare and sound amazing as both a ride and a crash! Very Dark!

Early American K : 20" flat ride cymbal with great stick articulation! Nice smokey dark shimmer.

Early American K : These EAK jazz rides are among the more desired models of the EAK line. They are generally light and have great smooth dark crashes. This particular model is no exception!

Zildjian EAK 20" Light Ride : 2070 grams

Zildjian EAK 22" Jazz Ride : 2490 grams

Zildjian 22" Canadian K : 3200 grams

Early American K : EAK Light ride are extrememly difficult to find. This one is in exceptional condition and sounds incredible.

Early American K : This is the best sounding EAK ride that we have had. The cymbal is thin for a 22" model and just sounds smoking! The crash is huge, dark and wobbly!

Here is a beautiful DARK .. super DARK 22" Canadian made K Zildjian cymbal. The hammering on this cymbal is incredible! Very lively bell.

Zildjian 24" LIGHT Constantinople : 3200 grams

Zildjian EAK 12" Splash : 400 grams

Zildjian EAK 16" Crash : Elvin Jones Collection

A discontinued 24" Zildjian LIGHT Constantinople Ride Cymbal - Amazing hammering patterns - very dark shimmering sound and explosive crash!

Early American K - 12" Splash cymbal - Extremely thin weighing in at 400 grams.

This is a great Early American K that came from the Elvin Jones Collection. He sure knew how to hand pick his cymbals!

Zildjian K. Istanbul 20" : 1710 grams

Zildjian K. Istanbul 22" : 2010 grams

1960s Zildjian Avedis 15" Hi Hats

SUPER CLEAN / SUPER THINN - Zildjian Istanbul 20" Ride Cymbal. This cymbal is VERY smokey with a woody stick and explosive crash!

This is an extrememly rare 22" Zildjian (Istanbul Made) K at a stunning 2010 grams! The cymbal is a holy grail of jazz ride cymbals.

Zildjian EAK 17" China Cymbal

Zildjian EAK 16" Crash Cymbal

Zildjian EAK 15" Crash Cymbal

Early American K - A rare 15" size crash in the EAK line of hand hammered cymbals.

Zildjian EAK 15" Hats : 1190 & 1620 grams

Zildjian EAK 17" Crash : 1200 grams

Zildjian EAK 18" Ride : 1800 grams

Early American K - 15" Hi Hats - Extrememly rare size for EAKs - very nice crisp sound! These hats pack a punch.

Early American K : 17" Crash Cymbal in great condition! Very nice smooth explosive crash with a dark decay!

Early American K : 18" Ride Cymbal - Great smokey dark sound.

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