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1961 Rogers Blue Ripple Holiday

Rogers 1960s WMP Cleveland Era Kit

Rogers 1960s Black Onyx Cleveland Holiday : 20, 12, 14

One of the highlights of this collection, the WMP family kit has been steadily growing! Starting as a 20,12,14 - this kit now features a 20, 12, 14x14, 14x16, 16, plus a matching canister wmp throne and TWO wood dynasonics - 14x5 & 14x6.5.

This kit is a factory family from the golden age of Rogers Drums. Cleveland Ohio production. All perfectly matching, the 6.5x14 Dynasonic is also a Cleveland era drum. This exact drum was featured in Rob Cook's Rogers Book P.98

Rogers WMP Drum Kit

Ludwig 1933 Hi Luster Outfit : 28, 14 snare

Ludwig 1966 Downbeat Black Oyster RINGO! : 20, 12, 14, Jazz Festival

This WMP family keeps growing! The drums shown are 20, 12, 14x14, 14x16, 16x16 with a matching 5x14 dynasonic and canister throne! NOT SHOWN: 28x14 Holiday bass AND 6.5x14 WMP Dynasonic are also in the collection.

Only available in 1933, the hi luster outfit was offered in blue and green finishes - The option to "dress" the shells with diamonds was available as well. The entire outfit included a 28x14 bass drum and a 14x5 snare.

The complete Ringo outfit! 1960s Keystone Downbeat kit in the very valuable Oyster Black Pearl stock with the super rare matching Jazz Festival snare! These drums have yet to be cleaned and detailed.

1947 Gretsch Broadcaster Kit : 24, 13, 16, 14

Gretsch Round Badge Champagne Bop : 18, 12, 12, 14

DW Collector Series Champagne Glass

This kit is a true time capsule. Recieved from the original owner, the drums are just as they were when they marched out of the factory in 1947! Hardware, brushes, blocks, cowbell, cymbal arms, pedals, and original calf hide heads - the whole package makes this quite a show stopper!

The flagship of this collection, this super rare bop kit was purchased from the nephew of the original owner whom special ordered this kit from Gretsch in 1962 with two 12" rack toms. The drums now have a matching Max Roach 4x14 snare.

Bass Drums: 26,24,20,18,16 Toms: 10,12,12,14,16,16,18

This kit has been steadily growing over the past few years. The photo doesn't include some of the drums.

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