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1920s Leedy Black Elite Outfit : 26x14 - 5x14

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1920s Leedy Black Elite Outfit : 26x14, 5x14

Very proud to offer this stunning 1920s Leedy Black Elite Outfit, complete with a 5x14 Black Elite snare, 14x26 Black Elite model separate tension bass drum, trap percussion table, chinese tom, Leedy cymbals, temple blocks and all the bells and whistles you could ever want from the 1920s!


5x14 : The 5x14 Black Elite snare is in good player condition. There are no modifications to the drum. All of the tension rods are slotted Leedy style heads, but a hand full of them are nickel replacements. The Speedway strainer was repaired at the flat head rivet joint which is commonly broken. The strainer is now functioning properly.


14x26 : The bass drum is in very nice condition with the original black paint on both the hoops and shell. This was not an original pairing with the snare, however is catalog and era correct. The separate tension bass drums are more sought after than single tension and the size may be more difficult to come by compared to the 28 models. The resonant head has been painted. The drum also includes the very hard to find knobby gold bass spurs that match all of the other gold hardware very well.


The Goods : The snare stand is original and in good working condition along with the original bass drum pedal. The 10" chinese tom is in good player condition as well with no tears in the heads, however the drum was painted over at one point and restored by removing the paint back to expose the original red color beneath. Leedy stamped cymbals include a 10" cymbal, 6" cymbal and a 10" sizzle cymbal. A very rare circular wood block with the appropriate mount is included and shown in photos. The trap table is in nice working condition with what looks to be original felt. The temple blocks have seen years of play but match the aesthetic of the drum kit very well. Also included is a Leedy stamped 8" triangle. Please review photos and ask questions. This is a great, complete outfit in good player condition with no heavy modifications.


** Please note, the only item shown in the photos that is NOT included, is the Leedy block. Since the time of these photos, the block has been paired with another drum kit.

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