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1930s Leedy & Strupe Snare Drum : 5 x 14

1930s Leedy & Strupe Snare Drum

Size : 5 x 14

Finish : Nickel over Brass


Often referred to as Leedy & Strupe, the L&S drum company was founded in 1930 by U.G. Leedy following the purchase of the Leedy Manufacturing name by C.G. Conn Ltd. Considering Leedy could no longer use the Leedy name, he named the company L&S, Leedy & Sons, after his two sons - Eugene and Edwin. Leedy purchased a dairy factory building to begin fabricating drums out of, however he passed in 1931. His son, Edwin became involved with carrying the company forward. An older Leedy employee by the name of Cecil Strupe became involved and was shortly then named president of L&S. Here, we get the reference to the Strupe name.


(A little known fact is that Strupe was a highly recognized engineer and is credited with the invention of the triple flanged hoop.)

The only catalog produced was in 1936. Little was documented on these drums and shortly after, Strupe moved to Chicago to begin working for W.F.L. The L&S name was sold to a music store owner in and the name was changed to Indiana Drum Company.


This particular drum features 8 tube lugs, straight hoops, steel clips and tension rods and a beautiful strainer and butt plate.

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