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1965 Ludwig Galaxy Sparkle Down Beat Kit : 20 12 14 14

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1965 Ludwig Down Beat Drum Kit : 14x20, 8x12, 14x14, 4x14

Finish : Galaxy Sparkle

Very pleased to offer an original 1965 Ludwig Down Beat drum kit in original Galaxy Sparkle wrap. The kit is in excellent condition with no modifications or significant issues. The wrap across all drums has faded evenly to a color between a Galaxy Sparkle and Anniversary Sparkle. There are new heads installed on all of the drums making this kit ready for work or to be displayed as eye candy.


14x20 : The bass drum is in great condition with original wrap, bearing edges, untouched whit painted interiors. The drum is equipped with a Ludwig 70s silver dot batter side head and a new decal logo smooth white resonant head! The hardware is all original including the consolette rail and clip. There is some mild pitting and a few of the t-rods do show some moderate wear. The hoops were sanded down to the natural wood and professionally repainted. The inlay is 100% completely original galaxy sparkle and the factory staple seams were not removed for refinishing the hoops. The inlay was tapped off and preserved in its original condition during the restoration.


14x14 : Like the bass drum, the floor tom is in great condition with original wrap, bearing edges, white painted interior and original hardware. The drum is equipped with original chrome over steel hoops. The wrap is original and crack free with the typical fading in colors similar to the other drums. There are very few significant scratches and the drum is overall in fantastic condition.


8x12 : The rack tom is in great condition with no modifications and equipped with chrome over brass hoops. The wrap is all original and in good condition. The seam was restored by the previous owner and is not lifting at all. The wrap has slightly shrank (which is very common among these drums) so the top ply of wood is showing at the seam. There is some slight crazing in the wrap at the seam as well.


4x14 : To top off the Down Beat outfit, the 4x14 snare is in excellent condition with original chrome over brass hoops, original wrap, white painted interiors, and factory hardware. The wrap seam is in excellent condition and the drum has original Ludwig script logo snare strands installed.

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