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1966 Ludwig Silver Sparkle Super Classic Kit : 22 - 13 - 16

1966 Ludwig Super Classic Kit : 14x22, 9x13, 16x16

Finish : Silver Sparkle

Up on the block is a beautiful 1966 keystone period Ludwig Super Classic kit outfitted in original Silver Sparkle wrap. The drums are in fantastic condition. This is an original factory family with beautiful matching wrap across all drums and no modifications. The kit does include the cymbal L arm as shown in photos. Individual drum descriptions as follows :


14x22 : The bass drum is in great condition with original wrap, bearing edges, untouched white painted interiors and all original hardware. The hardware is all original including the consolette rail and clip. There is some slight pitting and typical scratches across all of the hardware and a few of the t-rods do show signs wear. The hoops are in outstanding condition. The inlays are original and the restored black paint is nearly perfect. The wrap is in great condition with no cracks and very strong seams! There are a couple of spots on the drum were the previous owner has touched up scrapes with some sort of sparkle material. Please see areas near the cymbal arm mount.


16x16 : Like the bass drum, the floor tom is in great condition with original wrap, bearing edges, white painted interior and original hardware.


9x13 : The rack tom is in great condition with no modifications. The wrap is all original with no cracks or issues and matches the rest of the kit perfectly. The hardware is all original and the interiors feature original white paint. There is some snare rash on the back side of the drum (see photos), however this is not bad at all.

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