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1967 Ludwig Club Date Blue Sparkle Kit : 20 12 14

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1967 Ludwig Club Date Kit: 14x20, 8x12, 14x14

Finish : Blue Sparkle

This is a beautiful 1967 Ludwig 'Club Date' model outfit consisting of all factory family drums in the original blue sparkle wrap. Both toms have nearly new logo heads on the batters.


14x20 : The bass drum is in great condition with no modifications, extra holes or other issues. The seams on the wrap are strong and the wrap has nearly no fade. The interiors are factory white painted, bearing edges are in great condition and the drum is equipped with original heads! New resonant side head with a Ludwig script logo decal. The hoops have been touched up with black paint by the previous owner however maintain original blue sparkle inlay. The hardware is in nice condition with mild pitting and a few rust spots at the consolette rail. The spurs seem to have been cut a little shorter, however they are more than long enough to reach the floor.


14x14 : The floor tom is also in excellent condition. This drum is clean with an original white painted interior and nearly unfaded blue sparkle wrap. The hardware is nice with moderate pitting. One floor tom leg is original while the other two are correct sized aluminum rod stock.


8x12 : Like the rest of the kit, the 12 is also in excellent condition.  The drum has an original white painted interior with no modifications and beautiful blue sparkle wrap.  All of the hardware is original with minor wear and pitting.


Overall these drums are in great condition! They look great and sound even better!

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