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Rogers 1973 Dynasonic 24K Gold Plated Snare Drum :  5 x 14


Rogers 1973 Dynasonic Snare Drum

Finish : 24K Gold ?

Size : 5 x 14


To being, nothing about this drum has been confirmed and this offering is not intending to mis-advertise anything. The drum was obtained in the condition above. The only work that has been done is a cleaning of the hardware and the shell was wiped down with 3-in-1 oil to prevent any further oxidation or aging. That said :


This mystery of a drum appears to be a 1973 Rogers dynasonic plated in 24K gold. While at first glance, the drum would appear to be a rare natural lacquered over brass, this theory has been challenged with an area exposing a chrome base as seen to the top right had side of the script Rogers logo. Had this drum actually been lacquered brass, there would be nothing but brass beneath the lacquer. The drum features a 45000 serial badge which dates the drum to 1973. Perhaps this was a factory celebratory plating of the 45000 number, or perhaps this was a plating done later by an owner. The drum cleaned up very nicely with the treatment of an oil wipe down, but there was some distinct aging between the gold finish under the lugs and exposed panels hinting that the plating was done some time ago. How long? That can't be told for sure. Either way, this is a really hip unique drum that sure is a head turner!


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