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1960s Rogers Silver Sparkle Holiday 20.12.14

Rogers 1960s Purple Diamond Kit

Rogers Scottie Plaid


Extremely RARE! Purple Diamond Rogers drum Kit! The drums are 20, 12, 16 with the matching holiday 14" holiday snare. Snare not included with this sale : See Rogers Snares!

Featuring an extremely rare "Scottie Plaid" finish, this Cleveland era Rogers kit is one of only 2 kits in this finish known to exist with a floor tom. These drums roughly date to 1959, a part of the jasper shell era of Rogers drums.

Rogers 1960s Blue Onyx Holiday

Rogers 1960s BDP Spotlight Outfit

Rogers 1960s Blue Sparkle Tower

A stunning 1960s Rogers Blue Onyx with two floors! 20,12,14,16 - this kit is a stunner - the drums are nearly immaculate.

Very rare spotlight outfit Rogers kit in Black Diamond Pearl - This kit features a 20, 12 and matching 14 snare drum. Eagle badge era.

1965 Rogers center lug model DELTA drum kit. All the drums are labeled TOWER on the interiors.

Rogers BDP Drum Kit!

Rogers 1960s Gold Sparkle  22, 13, 16

Rogers Mardi Gras Holiday 20, 12, 14

A STUNNING All original Rogers Black Diamond Pearl Drum Kit. This kit features an extremely rare 14x16 floor tom, 6.5x14 powertone snare, and matching Bongos! Just a gorgeous later Dayton Kit! 20, 12, 14x16, 16x16, 6.5x14 powertone, Bongos, with an optional 24x14!

Beautiful Rogers Kit in the rare Gold Sparkle - Kit features larger sizes shells, 22, 13, 16. Full of punch!

Here is an extremely rare Rogers Mardi Gras kit with an 20x12 bass drum and 12, 14x14 toms. The floor tom and bass drum are very uncommon sizes. The drums are gorgeous!

Rogers 1960s Gold Sparkle Holiday 20, 12, 16

Rogers 1960 Wine Red Ripple Holiday : 20 · 12 · 16 · 14

Rogers WRR Drum Kit Holiday : 20 · 12 · 16

Another beautiful Rogers Kit in the rare Gold Sparkle

Absolutely stunning condition - This kit has all crack-free Bread and Butter lugs! The drums are all an original factory family - The wrap is very bright with no fade at all!

Another very rare Wine Red Ripple Rogers Cleveland Era kit! 20 - 12 - 16, this kit is in very exceptional condition!

Rogers Red Onyx Holiday : 20, 12, 16

Beautiful all Cleveland Era Rogers Holiday kit (Family Matched) in Red Onyx!

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