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1962 Slingerland Modern Jazz Outfit :  14x20 - 9x13 - 14x14

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1962 Slingerland Modern Jazz(ish) Outfit: 14x20, 9x13, 14x14

Finish : White Marine Pearl


On the block is a beautiful factory matched 1962 Slingerland Chicago Badge Era outfit. This kit is absolutely gorgeous and original with no modifications. All of the drums feature the original white marine pearl along with natural wood interiors.


14x20 : The bass drum is in excellent condition with original wrap, hardware, original black painted hoops, full length inlay and tight seams. The interior are unmodified and the bearing edges are in excellent condition. The kit came in without any spurs, so new spurs were created out of rod stock and fit perfectly. Some pitting on the bass spur mounts, however the hardware is in nice condition elsewhere.


8x13 : The mounted tom is also in great condition. While the catalog Modern Jazz outfit called for a 8x12 tom, these 60s era Slingerland kits are often seen with 13 and 14 matched toms. The warp, interior, seam, bearing edge and hardware are all in great condition. Some of the tension rods are no original but the drum is beautiful overall.


14x14 : Like the 13" tom, the floor tom is in great condition. The wrap is original along with interior and bearing edges. There is a little wrap lift at a few of the lugs towards the batter side of the drum. One location shows a lug slightly pushed in, however this is minor. (please see photos). All of the push button mounts work flawlessly and the hardware is in really nice condition.



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